Military & Defense

Total Containment Vessels


NABCO Chem/Bio Capable Total Containment Vessels provide security and defense agencies with the capabilities they need to counter CBRN threats. NABCO offers CBRN solutions that enable new customers to improve safety, and existing NABCO users to up-level readiness against evolving threats. When it comes to the neutralization of CBRN materials, NABCO TCVs offer military and public safety personnel the technology they need for mission success.

In the US, NABCO Total Containment Vessels are utilized by the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Air National Guard. As military units evolve to counter the CBRNE threat, existing NABCO TCV users can upgrade first generation TCVs to fully automatic, CBRNE capable units. Sustainment and training programs are also available.

Reduced Arc Explosive Storage Magazines


NABCO Magazines are in service with Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps personnel, whose K-9 teams use the vessels to store their kits, and whose EOD teams use the units to store EOD kits closer to response centers for more security and faster response times.

Special Forces/SWAT teams also use NABCO Magazines to store small arms and breaching tools. The units are also ideal for pre-deployment storage capabilities at forward operating bases.

Suspect Package Containment Vessels


Ideal for embassies & base security,  NABCO Suspect Luggage & Parcel Containment Vessels protect people and facilities from explosive threats found in screening operations. Quickly and safely contain threats and transport away from populated areas for further investigation.

Grabber Pole

NABCO Grabber PoleThe NABCO Grabber Pole is a convenient resource for quick deployment in tactical operations, providing safer standoff between technicians and hazardous items. The unique design takes just seconds to extend or collapse to quickly maneuver through narrow spaces and doorways. With a weight of only 7 pounds and a convenient shoulder strap, the Grabber Pole is easily carried on scene while leaving both hands free for other tools. Learn More. 

Mobile Thermal Treatment Unit

NABCO MTTUThe NABCO Mobile Thermal Treatment Unit (MTTU) treats or neutralizes old or recovered ammunition (.50 caliber or less), shotgun shells, flares and cs/cn canisters. Building on its long experience as the leader in explosive containment, NABCO has designed this system to feature many leading edge capabilities. The MTTU offers larger payloads and quicker burn rates than competitive units and an air pollution control system for filtering of the exhaust gasses. In addition, the MTTU is designed to contain a 2-lbs. (0.91-kg) TNT detonation inside the chamber to provide operator safety during an extreme energetic reaction inside the unit. Learn more. 

Proudly Manufactured in the USA

Our Explosives & CBRN Containment, Storage & Treatment Solutions are manufactured in the United States, but NABCO’s reach extends across more than 25 countries around the world, providing scalable solutions for a wide-range of airports, police departments and military services. 

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